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At Chapa Law PLLC, you'll find a highly skilled criminal defense attorney serving the DFW Metroplex Area.

Whether you're facing charges for DWI, felony, murder, domestic violence, misdemeanor, sex assault, drug possession, or narcotics, the fight for your rights is in the best hands.


Understanding Your Case

Understanding your case is the first step to a successful defense. We will take some time together to thoroughly review all the details and strategize the best course of action for your specific situation.

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With an unwavering dedication to defending our clients' rights, a commitment to excellence is evident in the outcome.  With a wide breadth of experience across a large variety of cases, the defense strategy is catered to meet the unique needs and circumstances of every individual represented.

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Extensive Legal Expertise

The vast experience in criminal law allows top-notch legal representation at your disposal. We will navigate the complexities of the legal system together, with ease and transparency, ensuring  your confidence of a well-informed defense.  


Specializing in a variety of criminal law areas, including DWI, felonies, murder, domestic violence, misdemeanors, sex assault, drug possession, and narcotics.

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